Sayısal Telsiz Ağ Geçidi

DRG200i Sayısal RoIP Telsiz Ağ Geçidi (Gateway)

  • DRG200i Sayısal RoIP Telsiz Ağ Geçidi (Gateway)

Lower Overheads

Through the use of an existing IP Infrastructure and replacement of expensive leased lines & microwave links. Additionally, gateways allow radios with point-to-point protocols to be shared amongst a number of operator positions.

Increased Interoperability

Across multiple frequency bands, radio technologies (analog & digital; conventional & trunked) and telephony.

Network Flexibility

Simple addition of repeater sites and dispatch locations across wide geographical areas.

IT Networking Choice

By providing a translation of communications between the radio side protocol and the operator/console,protocols and mechanisms that are Internet friendly and designed to work through routers can be used at the operators side.

High Security

Separating the radio IP communications from the console IP network, creates a natural firewall between the consoles and the radio system.

Improved Reliability

Through a highly resilient Mesh IP Network Infrastructure and the ability to carry multiple talk paths and independent channels.

Simpler Maintenance

Changes to proprietary consoles, such as loading time critical and proprietary functions, are more easily managed and confined to the Gateway.

Vendor Independent

Devices may be reprogrammed and reconfigured for different radios. The common platform eliminates the need for re-learning.


Radio :Digital
Supports Analog Radio :Y
Channels: 1
Power :700mA (@12V)
Connections : -  
Maintenance Port :RS232
4 Wire E&M :Y
Serial (channel change) :Y
Ethernet Ports :1
Handset/Console Port :Y
Radio Codec :IMBE on DRG100-P25, AMBE on all other DRG models.
Vocoders :G.711, G.726 or GSM
Style & Weight :Desk (0.7kg/1.54lb) or 1RU 19"
Rack Mount : Desktop (0.7kg/1.54lb), 1RU 19" Rack Mount (1.4kg/3.09lb) and Dual Rack Mount (1.4kg/3.09lb)

Kanal Adedi 2
Çalışma Isı Aralığı 0ºC ile +60ºC
Boyutlar Masaüstü 220x35x230mm veya 19" Rack 484x44x265mm (GYD)
Ağırlık Masaüstü (0.7kg) veya 19" Rack 1RU (1.4kg)
DRG200i Sayısal RoIP Telsiz Ağ Geçidi (Gateway)
Digital Radio Gateways English Leaflet
Digital Radio Gateways English Leaflet
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