Profesyonel Alıcı Cihazı


Professional communications receiver with high performance spectrum scope
  • IC-R9500

Wideband Coverage
The IC-R9500 covers 0.005–3335MHz*1 in SSB, AM, FM, WFM, CW, FSK and P25*2 modes. It is suitable for a wide variety of radio monitoring and listening activities.

*1 Frequency range differs depending on version.
*2 Optional UT-122 digital unit is required.  

Superb Receiver Performance
The IC-R9500 achieves its amazing performance by using a D-MOS FET array in the 1st mixer (below 30MHz) and an excellent IMD roofing filter. The IC-R9500 has +40dBm IP3 and 109dB dynamic range at 14.1MHz. IP3 performance is +9.8dBm at 50MHz and +6.2dBm at 620MHz (+5dBm (typical) from 30MHz to 3335MHz).  

7-Inch Wide Color TFT LCD

The large 7-inch wide (800 × 480 pixels) active matrix display delivers quick response time, high resolution and has a wide viewing angle. The multi-function spectrum scope is displayed in vivid color. The background color is selectable from black or blue for your preference. In addition, the IC-R9500 has a VGA connector allowing you to connect an external monitor.

± 0.05ppm high frequency stability
The IC-R9500 uses an OCXO (Oven Control Crystal Oscillator) unit which provides ±0.05ppm frequency stability from 0°C to 50°C. The 10MHz reference frequency can either be supplied to or input from external equipment.  

Dual DSP

The IC-R9500 incorporates two independent, 32-bit floating point DSP units, a dedicated DSP unit for receiver functions
and another for the spectrum scope. By using the power of two independent DSP units, the radio can respond to operator changes in an instant.

Five Roofing Filters
The IC-R9500 has 5 independent roofing filters (240, 50, 15, 6 and 3kHz) for improved selectivity. In very crowded RF spectrum conditions, it is extremely important to prevent overload and from strong signals. The 3kHz roofing filter provides a 130dB (approx.)* blocking dynamic range.* At 15MHz reception, with 5kHz separation signals.  

Frekans Bandı 0.005-3335.000000MHz
Kanal Adedi 1220
Boyutlar 424×149×340 mm
Ağırlık 20kg
Ses Çıkış Gücü 2.6W (%10 bozulma ve 8Ω yük ile)
CT-17 CT-17 CI-V Level konvertör. RS-232C ile PC üzerinden uzaktan kumanda içindir.
UT-122 UT-122 APCO P25 Sayısal Ünite
AH-8000 AH-8000 100-3300MHz SüperGenişband Yönsüz Alıcı Anteni
SP-34 SP-34 Harici hoparlör. 4 adet ses filtresi; kulaklık girişi, iki alıcıya bağlanabilir. Maks. input: 5 W